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Boulder Republican Women
P.O. Box 21475
Boulder, Colorado 80308-4475
SATURDAY, AUGUST 20th 5:00pm - until dark
Meet & Greet Candidates
Master of Ceremonies
Former Secretary of State
The Honorable
Scott Gessler
Scott's mom: Barbara Gessler
Welcoming remarks by
Peg Cage
Boulder County Republican Chairman
ALL Candidates Invited
 Currently Confirmed As Attending:
US Congressman
4th Congressional District
incumbent candidate
Sue Sharkey
CU Regent CD 4
incumbent candidate
Corey Piper
House District 11 Candidate
Karen Nelson
House District 33 Candidate
Paul Danish
Boulder County Commissioner Candidate
Kevin Sipple
Boulder County Commissioner Candidate
Tim Wigley
Surrogate for the Trump Campaign
President of Western Energy Alliance a regional oil and natural gas trade
association and advocacy group representing nearly 400 companies in 11 western
states.  The Alliance focuses on federal energy policy in
Congress and a host of federal agencies
Former Boulder County Resident
Steve Bosley
CU Regent at Large
Term Limited
     Darryl Glenn is not able to attend as planned but
will announce a new date to meet him
Diana Petrak
Tamra Farah 
Americans for Prosperity logo
Ken Wilkison
Colorado Log Cabin Republicans
Rebekah Vicknair
We are honored to have Boulder County's own
Leing, George 2012
George Leing
National Republican Committeeman
Representing Colorado on the RNC
Saturday, August 20, 2016
5:00 p.m. Social Hour  6:00 p.m. Dinner
Tickets $25/person
Location:  High Point Farm
the home of Bill and LeMoine Dowd
12200 Oxford Road, Longmont CO 80504**
Catering by Pasta Jay's   
 Pasta Jay's logo
**Alternate Rain Location: County Line Lumber 4047 County Line Rd Erie
In case of heavy rain, the alternate location will be announced on Friday August 19 by noon,
right here on our website. An email to all registrants will also be sent.
Reserve online at
or mail your check - payable to BRW
Boulder Republican Women, P.O.Box 21475, Boulder, CO 80308
For info contact: Lou Facey-Muench 303-494-6116  
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Fall Bulb Fundraiser
 Holland Bulbs
Holland Bulbs
            When: NOW- August 22 with a BRW member OR Online until October 23
               What: Fall bulbs are bulbs planted in the FALL and bloom in the SPRING!
                  How: Place an order with a BRW member 
Bulbs will be delivered according to your planting "ZONE" usually
Mid-September to early November.
Family and friends out-of-state can order online with
a "flat-fee" charge for online orders.

                                                                GREAT QUOTES !

Einstein once said, 'The definition of insanity is doing the same thing

over and over again and expecting different results.'


It is the poor who habitually elect Democrats... Yet they are still POOR.




"You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.


You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.


You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.


You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.


You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.


You cannot build character and courage by taking away people's Initiative

and independence.


You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what They could and

should do for themselves."


~Abraham Lincoln



"Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by


Letting the government take care of him had better take a much closer look

at the American Indian."


~Henry Ford

This is great.Thanks for the memories!!!!!
We need more of this--Half of thestars today probably don't even know the words.
Enjoy this great rendition of God Bless America.

It’s probably only so special because they’re all pretty much gone now .
The younger gen-kids probably won’t even appreciate all that talent in one place.


Dennis Prager

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


When you differ from people you admire, you have to question yourself. After all, what is the purpose of admiring people if they aren’t capable of influencing you?


So, I have had to challenge my position — stated since the outset of the Republican presidential debates — that if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, I will vote for him over Hillary Clinton, or any Democrat for that matter.


I devoted many hours of radio and many columns to criticizing Trump. His virtually assured nomination has therefore caused me grief as an American, a Republican and a conservative. That his character defects, gaps in knowledge on some important issues, and lack of identifiably conservative principles came to mean little to so many Republican voters is quite troubling. (Though, I might add, it is even more troubling that virtually all Democrats ignore the even worse character of Hillary Clinton, as well as the idiotic socialist ideas of Sen. Bernie Sanders.)


#NeverTrump conservatives, such as (in alphabetical order) Jonah Goldberg, Bill Kristol, Ben Shapiro, Bret Stephens and George Will are not merely people I admire — they are friends and colleagues. Goldberg, Stephens and Will have made multiple videos for Prager University, which receive millions of views. Shapiro and I have spent Shabbat together. I have had the privilege of writing for Kristol’s The Weekly Standard and having him on my show many times. And I have enthusiastically promoted their books. These individuals are special to me not only as thinkers, but as people.


However, in the final analysis, I do not find their arguments compelling.


Take the “conscience” argument that one can sleep with a clear conscience by not voting for Trump. I don’t find it compelling because it means that your conscience is clear after making it possible for Clinton or any other Democrat to win.


In fact, the “conscience” argument is so weak that Goldberg — to his credit — published a column two days ago titled “Sorry, I Still Won’t Ever Vote for Trump.” He wrote, “If the election were a perfect tie, and the vote fell to me and me alone, I’d probably vote for none other than Donald Trump.”


Shouldn’t all Americans vote as if their vote were the deciding vote? Including those whose votes “don’t count” because they live in states that are so left-wing they would still vote Democrat if Vladimir Lenin headed the Democratic ticket?


The choice this November is tragic. As it often happens in life, this choice is between bad and worse, not bad and good.


But America has made that choice before. When forced to choose between bad and worse, we supported Joseph Stalin against Adolf Hitler, and we supported right-wing authoritarians against Communist totalitarians.


It seems to me that the #NeverTrump conservatives want to remain morally pure. I understand that temptation. I am tempted, too. But if you wish to vanquish the bad, it is not possible — at least not on this side of the afterlife — to remain pure.


The most moving interview of my 33 years in radio was with Irene Opdyke, a Polish Catholic woman. Opdyke became the mistress of a married Nazi officer in order to save the lives of 12 Jews. She hid them in the cellar of the officer’s house in Warsaw. There were some Christians who called my show to say that Opdyke’s actions were wrong, that she had in fact sinned because she knowingly committed a mortal sin. In their view, she compromised Catholic/Christian doctrine.


In my view — and, I believe, the view of most Catholics and other Christians — she brought glory to her God and her faith. Why? Because circumstances almost always determine what is moral , even for religious people like myself who believe in moral absolutes. That’s why the act of dropping atom bombs on Japan was moral. The circumstances (ending a war that would otherwise continue taking millions of lives) made moral what under other circumstances would be immoral.


In the 2016 presidential race, I am not interested in moral purity. I am interested in defeating the left and its party, the Democratic Party. The notion (expressed by virtually every #NeverTrump advocate) that we can live with another four years of a Democratic president is, forgive me, mind-boggling. To that end, with at least one, and probably multiple, additional leftists on the Supreme Court, a Republican presidential victory in 2020 would mean little. All the left needs is the judicial branch, especially the Supreme Court. Left-wing judges pass so many left-wing laws that they render those who control Congress, and even the White House, almost irrelevant.


Here, then, are nine reasons (there are more) why a conservative should prefer a Trump presidency to a Democrat presidency:


–Prevent a left-wing Supreme Court.


–Increase the defense budget.


–Repeal, or at least modify, the Dodd-Frank act.


–Prevent Washington, D.C. from becoming a state and giving the Democrats another two permanent senators.


–Repeal Obamacare.


–Curtail illegal immigration, a goal that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with xenophobia or nativism (just look at Western Europe).


–Reduce job-killing regulations on large and small businesses.


–Lower the corporate income tax and bring back hundreds of billions of offshore dollars to the United States.


–Continue fracking, which the left, in its science-rejecting hysteria, opposes.


For these reasons, I, unlike my friends, could not live with my conscience if I voted to help the America-destroying left win the presidency in any way.


I just don’t understand how anyone who understands the threat the left and the Democrats pose on America will refuse to vote for the only person who can stop them.


This column was originally posted on

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Message from The President:





93 million eligible voters did not vote in 2012.


Fast forward to 2016.  What will you do if your candidate is not on the ballot? We cannot by default elect a candidate who will follow in Obama’s footsteps, or worse.


Republicans cannot continue to wear blinders in support of only their conservative issue whether it be guns, taxes, social issues, or immigration.  Republicans cannot expect to win without joining hands and resources to overcome the far more dangerous alternative.  What is the ultimate goal? Preserve Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Freedom to choose and to  follow your own destiny.


I was reminded of the improbable victory of the USA hockey team in 2008 against the Soviet Union for the Gold Medal.  Hollywood memorialized the achievement in the movie,  Miracle on Ice.  Victory was possible only after Coach Brooks, on the road to the Olympics after a loss to Sweden, called for the players to go to the Blue Line. He then ordered a series of wind sprints and after each, he asked: Who do you play for?  Each would call out his name and school. The wind sprints were repeated followed by Who do you play for? Players were throwing up, Assistant Coaches and Team Physician called for an end.  Coach Brooks continued the repetitions until finally  one player, Mike Eruzione, gave his name and instead of his school said the United States of America. The wind sprints ended. A TEAM WAS BORN.  Mike became the Captain who led the USA to Victory.


Republicans can learn from that impossible, improbable victory story.  We cannot afford to splinter.





April 25, 2016


Boulder Radical Women Membership Meeting


Honorary President Carolyn Hanson called the meeting to order. Anarchist Pledge “We pledge allegiance to no flag” was recited. We also joined the Wyoming choir supporting Bernie Sanders in singing their song “Bernie is the ONE”.


Legislative Report – We support the Boulder ballot issue which will tax sugary drinks. We noted that the taxes will be paid by the manufacturers and distributors of those obesity creating drinks.  We look forward to taxing the Coke Brothers.  We do suggest that 2 cent per ounce tax is probably not enough and should be extended to other sugary products. 


We are also suggesting to the city council that driving gas polluting cars in Boulder can be reduced by licensing vehicles to only drive 3 days per week. Those particular days can be noted by the number on license plates. 


Campaign Dirty Tricks Committee Report – In conjunction with the Wyoming Radical Women, we have inserted an operative in the Hillary Clinton campaign. Roberta {{ last name redacted for security purposes }} reports that the Clinton campaign will propose to Bernie that he win the presidency nomination, select Hillary for VP and then resign a year into the presidency for “health” reasons. This will consolidate the Democrat Party for the election and allow both candidates to serve as president. 


Membership report – It seems that our proposal for members to provide tax returns to calculate membership dues is not viable. Most members refused to provide that information. Accordingly, dues will revert back to the flat fee of $200 per year.


Susan Mueller 

Madame Secretary


       SYNOPSIS - April 19, 2016 BRW Meeting:

Speaker, Dr. Brian Domitrovic, the CU Visiting Professor of Conservative Thought and Policy.


The theme of Brian’s talk was that the ONLY financial model that has ever worked to boost the economy

out of slow growth is to lower taxes, minimize government, and stabilize the dollar by restricting the Fed.

This approach, referred to as supply-side economics or Reaganonimcs, could easily result in sustained

growth of greater than 5%.

Brian reminded us that the United States does economic growth better than any other country ever

in the world. This is our greatest story. Never has there been such mass middle class prosperity as

in this country during our times of growth.

Evidence of this model is in 1920 when taxes were cut from 77%, and resulted in the Roaring ‘20s.

John F Kennedy also introduced a huge tax reduction in 1963, enacted in 1964, that gave us 5.1%

growth from 1964-69. And then again, Reagan lowered taxes in 1982 and 1986 all the way down

to 28%, which led to a huge economic boom throughout the 80s. And lastly, Bill Clinton did the

same in 1994, with similar results. Interestingly, historically these tax cuts were often led by the

Democrats or supported almost unanimously in a bi-partisan vote.

In the Q & A, Dr Domitrovic also gave us a clear example of what happens when taxes are high.

When tax-free municipal bonds were introduced as the first tax loop-hoe, anytime taxes

increased, investment in muni bonds increased. In 1920, when the highest tax rate was 77%,

JD Rockefeller had more money invested in municipal bonds than in Standard Oil.  In reality,

when taxes are high, wealthy people take their money out of the private sector where it fuels growth.

Brian was also asked about how to restrain the Fed. He explained that when taxes are cut, there

is great demand for the dollar. This moves money from gold back to dollars. When the price of

gold is lowered and stable, he believes the US should go back on the Gold Standard.

Brian is the author of 2 books, Econoclasts: The Rebels Who Sparked the Supply-Side Revolution

and Restored American Prosperity published in 2009 and JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret

History of American Prosperity co-written with Larry Kudlow and coming out in the September 2016.



 Welcome to the Boulder Republican Women Website!



We appreciate your interest and welcome your membership.


Boulder Republican Women (BRW) is a part of the Colorado Federation of Republican Women (CFRW) and together we help to make up the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW).  NFRW is one of the largest grassroots political forces in America. 


Together, we work to promote the principles, objectives and policies of the Republican Party --

  •  fiscal responsibility
  •  self reliance
  •  limited government
  •  a strong national defense
  •  elect Republican candidates
  •  inform the public through political education and activity
  •  increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government        

We currently have 167 members and offer, both, full and associate memberships.  BRW Luncheon Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month, September through May, from 11 AM to 1 PM.  Along with great food and friendship, each meeting includes an 'always informative' guest speaker.  Visit our Events Calendar for more information.

President:    Beverlee White
1st VP-Programs    Theresa Watson
2nd VP-Membership    Rita Rosson
Secretary    Jane Meagher
Treasurer    Patti Lucas
CFRW District II Dir.    Karen Mill
BRW Chief of Staff Susan Mueller
Newsletter Editor:    Marijo Tinlin
Hospitality/Reservations Diana Petrak
Communications    LeMoine Dowd
Legislative    Marty Neilson
Fundraising   Beverlee White
Sunshine Tina Adcock    
Support the Troops Gerry Gifford DIGiff!
BRW Directory     Cathy Zabel
Website/Facebook     Patt Hanson


  Take a minute, click on the link, and WATCH.



Our Roots, Our Republic, Our Responsibilities

January 2016



Excerpts from

An Aussie’s Love Letter, by Nick Adams/ Centennial Review March 2015



            In 5,000 years of recorded human history, there has been no nation even resembling the United States.  The American model has offered and continues to offer, a greater chance for dignity, hope, and happiness for more people than any other system.

            As  Margaret Thatcher, the former British prime minister, put it:  “Europe was created by history, America was created by philosophy”.  Lady Thatcher was right.  This philosophy is one of individual liberty, free market opportunity, and belief that it’s all a gift from God.

            America is the best idea the world has ever had, the greatest value system ever devised.  What are these values that make America exceptional?  Individualism, not collectivism, Patriotism, not relativism, Optimism, not pessimism, Limited government, not the nanny state, God, not Caesar, Faith, not secularism,

 E Pluribus Unum, not multiculturalism, Life, not death, Equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome,  Goodness, not moral equivalence.  America is about being Bold, not bland, Brave, not meek, Striving for Greatness, not mediocrity. Tellingly, all of these values are aligned with what’s called today a conservative outlook.

            America rewards success without government approvals and bureaucratic interference.  It embraces religious faith, aspiration, and risk.  As a result, the people of America have been the most enterprising, market-oriented, individualistic, and averse to taxation and regulation that have ever walked the earth.

But daily we are dealing with The Onslaught from the Left:  They have created an economically unsustainable and character-destroying welfare state, they have undermined Western military strength, politicized universities and the arts, authored the culture of complaint and its close cousin, the self-esteem movement until today we are less free, poorer, weaker, less innovative, less confident, and less family oriented more divided and more faithless.

It’s past time we Relearn the American Trinity!


            America is therefore in the fight of its life.  Individualism, patriotism, and liberty – the unique properties of American life and culture- are at diminished levels, beleaguered by the anti-American virus prevalent in schools, and universities, entertainment media, and the arts.


            Saving America requires bringing intellectual ammunition to the battle of ideas.  Too many people have forgotten or never learned what makes America exceptional – and you cannot advocate what you cannot articulate. Reason and faith are the two wings by which the American eagle took flight.  The arithmetic of the American trinity is simple: Virtue cannot be sustained in the absence of Faith, and if virtue is absent, then Liberty must be as well.  Yet new generations of Americans are unable to write out the formula, let alone balance the equation.

            Nothing is more anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-truth, and anti-reality than political correctness.  It is a noose around America’s neck, growing tighter each day.  From identity politics and secularism to the all-powerful welfare state and the war against national identity, every problem in America today is compounded by this suffocating regime of thought control. Unless plain speaking is allowed, clear thinking is denied.  Recognize that the unfettered American dream and the regimented politically correct mindset cannot coexist.

            The words of Thomas Paine in 1776 resonate with Americans today:

            “These are the times that try men’s souls.  The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in  this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”


What does America have to do to come back in these trying times of our own?  How do we win this fight?  How do we vanquish the forces besetting us and restore American glory? We do it, I believe, as Americans always have: through liberty, good constitutionally-limited government, free enterprise, and traditional Judeo-Christian values.  Who can vindicate American Exceptionalism?...  Patriotic citizens with traditional values.  People just like us!

“To whom much is given, much is required,” said Jesus.  Ponder that, my friends.  You have been bequeathed the high responsibility of continuing to support and export the greatest value system ever devised.  STAY THE COURSE, AMERICA!


Sue Rehg

CFRW Americanism Chairman

h. 970-203-1027   c.970-231-8151




Read the complete article and more about this amazing young man at the link below





As you may have heard, our governor, John Hickenlooper has announced that he will not refuse the Syrian refugees bound for Colorado and that Gitmo prisoners are welcome in Colorado!
CALL NOW:  Say NO to Syrian refugees and Gitmo prisoners in Colorado.
Governor Hickenlooper’s Office (303-866-2471) 
Because the Assembly is not in session, there is nothing our State Representatives or Senators can do right now so...that means we need to go higher. Please call the following people in Washington to tell them how you feel:

White House Comment Line – 1-202-456-1111


Congressman Jared Polis - 1-202-225-2161  Congressional District 2 -Boulder’s Congressman


Senator Cory Gardner – 1-202-224-5941 


Senator Michael Bennet – 1-202-224-5852   


Speaker Paul Ryan – 1-202-225-3031 


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell – 1-202-224-2541

                                       Let your voice be heard! Call TODAY.



Marty Neilsen can take your order for a very nice magnetic-closure name tag with your name and the BRW logo on it to bring to every event and meeting you attend.
The cost is $12.50. For more information, please contact Marty at and please indicate exactly how you wish to have your name appear.






It's the Soldier,

not the reporter

Who has given us the freedom of the press.


It's the Soldier,

not the poet,

Who has given us the freedom of speech.


It's the Soldier,

not the politicians that ensures

Our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.


It's the Soldier

who salutes the flag, 

who serves beneath the flag,

and whose coffin is draped by the flag.



Fracking Brings Lower Heating Bills This Winter 



Tuesday was Groundhog Day, and Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow.

Regardless of whether Spring comes early or not, fracking will keep you warm for the rest of winter—and you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg on your heating bills.

The large amount of oil and natural gas production in Colorado has created an abundant supply of energy, leading to lower prices for residents. That’s why Colorado’s 2015 energy bills were the lowest in the nation, averaging $224 a month.

Learn how fracking will save you money this winter by going to

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Representing the wonderful people of the 4th Congressional District of Colorado.
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President Obama believes he can stop terrorists by taking away your 2nd Amendment rights. Let's review his logic: stop bad people with guns by taking away the guns of good people?As Mark Steyn recently said, liberals only want two groups to have guns: police and terrorists.

Tell the President: Leave My 2nd Amendment Rights Alone!

The right to protect yourself against tyranny and threat is a God-Given right.Earlier this year, liberals even tried to take away my right to bear arms. I fought them and I won.Stand with me in telling the President NO to taking away our 2nd Amendment rights!

Standing for you,

Sign Petition: Protect My 2nd Amendment Rights
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Enjoy the following submitted by a BRW member and spouse.


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