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Boulder Republican Women
Boulder, Colorado
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11:30 - 1:00 PM

(Check-in 11:00 am)
95 a Bistro & Sushi
1381 Forest Park Circle
Lafayette CO 80026

(At the Corner of Arapahoe & 95.  From Boulder, East on Arapahoe, cross 95; Get into the right lane and turn right onto Forest Park Circle; Take first right into the shopping center, and proceed straight ahead to Dead-end into the restaurant!))

Members: $16.00; Guests: $21.00




State and Boulder County Ballot Issues

Make Reservations with Jane Mahoney or 303 530-0121
, or online at



         NOVEMBER 2014

Minutes of the BRW Membership Meeting and Evening Dinner,  5/20/14


President Beverlee White called the meeting to order at 6PM.  Gerry Gifford gave the inspiration and a guest of Patty Lucas led the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Beverlee White introduced and welcomed the many guests.


Beverlee and Gerry reported on the club’s delivery of the Mugs for Vets to the VA Hospital in Denver.  The mugs were very much appreciated.


The summer social will be at 5PM June 7 at the home of LeMoine Dowd.  Members are encouraged to invite friends and neighbors to meet the candidates.  Volunteers are still needed.  Setup will start at 9AM.


For our fall fundraiser, BRW will sell Quiches for the Holidays.  Order forms will be in the Sept. newsletter, with quiche delivery in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Susie Littmann announced the upcoming programs and events.  The Sept. 16 Membership drive and Potluck meeting will feature speaker Kelly Maher, a “political tracker” who follows Dem candidates.  The Christmas/Holiday party will be Dec 6 or 7.  Please contact Susie or Beverlee if you can host either meeting at your home.


The Oct 20th meeting will focus on candidates and issues which are on the ballot.

The Nov meeting will be either a de-briefing on the election and/or a speaker about the Hillsdale College charter school program in CO.


Beverlee reported that we have about $4000 available for the election, and the campaign committee will meet immediately after the primary to decide how to spend it.


The new location for BRW meetings beginning Oct 2014 is “95 a bistro & sushi”.  The owners Rob and Kelly Kukura are Republicans.


Members who want to join the group at the Rockies baseball game vs. Milwaukee Sunday June 22 at 2:10PM should contact Francie Sinton ASAP.  Tickets are $15 (a mini fundraiser).


Beverlee introduced Peg Cage of Longmont Republican Women who invited us all to attend the LRW movie nights (June 13, “Economic Freedom in Action” with speaker Rich Mitchell).  Their Christmas in July meeting features all candidates.


Beverlee also described the movement pushing for the “Rights of Nature” and the extreme negative consequences on every aspect of our lives and future if it passes locally or in November. (no harming bugs, weeds, vermin, no neutering pets, etc.)


Marty Neilson introduced and spoke on behalf of her guest, Ralph Shnelvar, Libertarian candidate for Boulder County Clerk.  (There is no Republican candidate).  See .  Also mentioned was Randy Luallin, Libertarian candidate for Boulder County Commissioner, District 3 (we also have no candidate).


Susie Littmann introduced speakers Patrick Moore and Kimberly Wathke from Anadarko Petroleum Corp., representing Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development (CRED).  They presented a history of oil production and needs in the US, and details about fracking operations since 1940 - how it is done, the cost effectiveness, and the environmental safety measures in place. Anti-Fracking measures are on the ballot in Nov. and the consequences, if they pass, will be essentially a shutdown of oil and gas drilling in CO forever.  Refer to ,, and . 


Meeting was adjourned at 7PM.


Susan Kolwicz, Secretary                                                                   May 28, 2014    

November 4, 2014 is Election Day


Elections in Colorado are conducted by mail ballot with select Voter Service and Polling Center locations for those that require additional assistance or prefer to vote in person.

For this General Election, ballots will be mailed the week of 

October 13 to registered voters. 

Register to Vote:

 A citizen must reside in Colorado at least 22 days prior to the General Election in order to register to vote.


Bring to the October meeting ceramic mugs, shaving items, combs, hygiene items, hard candy, gum.
Mugs will be delivered to the Denver Veterans Hospital on Veteran's Day.

Freshly made, 10", frozen, ready to bake quiches for the holidays
Fabulous gifts! Great for entertaining!
$16.00 each
Mediterranean (New!) Vegetarian
Ham and Cheese Quiche
Quiche Italian - Italian Sausage
Quiche Florentine (Spinach and Bacon)
Krab and Asparagus Quich
Cajun Quiche with Andouille Sausage
Order Deadline: Oct. 30th
Pick-up Nov. 18th at the the Nov. Membership Meeting
Send check made out to BRW with quiche order(s) to 
Boulder Republican Women,
PO Box 21475, Boulder 80308-4475
Quiches created by Meals on Wheels of Boulder.
Questions? Contact Beverlee White


I’m not sure, but there must be a record for the number of campaign ads on a single topic that most Colorado voters do not put on their list of concerns. I have taken to muting Mark Udall’s ads about Cory Gardner outlawing birth control. When I talk to my women friends, this issue is not on their list. 

That’s probably because we know that no matter which candidate wins the Senate race, there will be no banning of birth control or abortion. Economic issues, costs of college education and associated debt and jobs for the kids after they graduate, immigration reform, and foreign policy are matters that worry us more. But what bothers us the most is that America seems weaker over the last few years. Putin takes Crimea, Assad crosses the red line, Iran gets closer to nuclear weapons, ISIS beheads Americans on video, and that doesn’t even count the slow economic recovery. These are the issues that candidates should be addressing.

Susan MuellerBoulder

This letter was published in the Oct. 10 edition.


 Welcome to the Boulder Republican Women Website!


We appreciate your interest and welcome your membership.


Boulder Republican Women (BRW) is a part of the Colorado Federation of Republican Women (CFRW) and together we help to make up the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW).  NFRW is one of the largest grassroots political forces in America. 


Together, we work to promote the principles, objectives and policies of the Republican Party --

  •  fiscal responsibility
  •  self reliance
  •  limited government
  •  a strong national defense
  •  elect Republican candidates
  •  inform the public through political education and activity
  •  increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government        

Be sure to check out our website and see what conservatives are doing in Boulder County.  We currently have 167 members and offer, both, full and associate memberships.  BRW Luncheon Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month, September through May, from 11 AM to 1 PM.  Along with great food and friendship, each meeting includes an 'always informative' guest speaker.  Visit our Events Calendar for more information.



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Boulder Radical Women Membership Meeting


President May B. Lyon called the meeting to order. Members recited the Anarchist Pledge.  


Treasurer’s Report – Unfortunately our fundraising efforts were not successful.  The Kale Quiches will no longer be available for order. However we will still be offering Tofurkeys for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  Please buy several of them!! Our budget continues to show a deficit.


Membership Report – Hillary Clinton has declined our complimentary membership. She has told us she is not broke and can afford the cost.  We are also happy to announce that membership can be paid by Bitcoin.


New Members and Guests were introduced.  New Member Rachel Maddow gave a rousing speech in support of our group and its ideals.


New Business – We are very excited that Gloria Allred has taken our legal case against the Denver Broncos for their failure to integrate the team by signing women to play. In addition, some of our members are encouraging support of an Amendment to the Colorado constitution. Please show your support by signing the petition. Amendment Y: The State of Colorado recognizes that cats are smarter than dogs as no cat would ever drag a sled through the snow.


Program – Acting VP of Programs, Valerie Jarrett introduced our guest speaker, Professor Emeritus Al Gore of the Benevolent University of the Northern Keyes, Florida (BUNK).  Professor Gore has spent the last year studying Boulder climate changes. He reported some frightening results. He has concluded that Boulder’s climate goes from mind-numbing cold weather including copious amounts of snow to hot weather in only a matter of months.  His book, detailing those results and suggested solutions to change our weather to attain a more even temperature climate like Hawaii and Florida is available for sale as you leave our venue. He also noted that the numerous deaths and casualties from the ice and snow could be reduced. Skiing alone causes broken bones and torn ligaments and should be banned.


John Kerry won the 50/50 split. However, BRW Members protested his decision to donate his winnings to support defeat of ISIS, or ISIL or whatever they are called. 


Susan Mueller, Minutes Czar



Support of the Troops!!!

      Please bring your donations to the Luncheon Meetings

Paperback books, toiletries, AA & AAA Batteries, Band Aids, Beef Jerky, Candy, Canned Chili & Fruit, Carmex, Chapstick, Cough Drops, Dental Floss, Eye Drops, Flashlights, Lotion (travel size), Mouth Wash & Toothpaste (travel size), Tooth Brushes, Neopsorin, Nuts, Drink Mixes (i.e. Crystal Light), Pop Tarts, Postage, Shampoo & Conditioners (travel size) & white cotton socks.
        'Sew Much Comfort' Support!
        Sew Much Comfort creates custom, adaptive clothing
        for our wounded service members.
           Now you may donate to SMC each time you shop at

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