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Our Next Luncheon

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

11:15 am—1:15 pm
$23.00 per person

The Boulder Cork

Topic: "Information is Power"

Focusing on the Home Front 

Guest Speaker: Natalie Menten, RTD Board Member
an advocate for transparency and accountability

Multiple layers of local governance are growing almost virally, fueled by the elected and non-elected who are laser focused on expanding their unique mission - municipality, special district, county, regional governance bodies, and state.
As for the citizen, your financial support is non-negotiable, yet your approval or disapproval, sought occasionally at the ballot box, is more often than not, dismissed as irrelevant.  What’s one to do? 


“Information is power,” claims Natalie Menten, a Jeffco resident who has taken on many projects that challenge lack of financial transparency and accountability at various local levels of government. Currently serving her second four year term on the RTD Board of Directors, she has worked tirelessly to make this struggling transit authority accountable.  
She will discuss RTD, transit accountability and transparency as well as tools available to the citizen beyond the ballot box to pursue accountability.  

She will also discuss an important initiative to simplify our Colorado State income tax:
Fair And Simple Tax (FAST).


You can follow Natalie Menten’s work here:

Come join us!




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Longmont Republican Women

Hillsdale College

Constitution 101:

The Meaning & History of the Constitution

This is an ongoing discussion series
Monday nights at 6:30 pm

Men and Women welcome!

e are having a study of the Constitution. 
This will include videos, handouts and discussion. 
Come to hear about this invaluable part of our country!




The American Founding: Revolutionary or Conservative?

Larry P. Arnn

The Theory of the Declaration and the Constitution

Thomas G. West

The Problem of Majority Tyranny and the Necessity of Union

Mickey Craig

Consent of the Governed and the Separation of Powers

Kevin Portteus

To Secure These Rights: Economics, Religion, and Character

Thomas G. West

Crisis of the Constitution: Slavery and Secession

Mickey Craig

The Progressive Rejection of the Principles of the Declaration

Ronald J. Pestritto

The Progressive Assault on the Constitution

Ronald J. Pestritto

The Administrative State Today

Kevin Portteus

Modern Conservatism and the Constitution

Larry P. Arnn


For more information ~  Email Rebekah at 

LRW Book Club Meetings are held in member's homes in Longmont.

The address will be emailed to you after you register.


Let us know you are coming!


Location address will be provided upon RSVP.


Questions?  Call 720-934-8802.




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Northern Colorado Honor Flight

Sunday May 6, 2018
We will be a part of the send off of over 100 WWII & Korean War Vets to Washington DC. We will hand out thank you cards & flag pins

Save the Date, more info to come!

BRW Trip to the VA Hospital in Denver with 

Mugs for Vets
November 10, 2017

Francie Bosley, Gerry and Doug Gifford, and Beverlee White
Mugs for Vets-1 November 10, 2017

Francie Bosley, Doug Gifford and Valerie Daley,
Mrs. Colorado USA

As part of BRW's Support the Troops program, these dedicated patriots distributed 45 "stuffed" Mugs, and Headlamps donated by Francie Bosley, to the Vets.  They also left boxes of cosmetics, 
tooth brushes and toothpaste for homeless Vets.

THANK YOU to the Vets for their service, and to these dedicated Americans!





Boulder County Republicans joined a crowd of a thousand at the state capitol to support President Trump on Tuesday July 4th to celebrate 

BCR Liberty Roadshow 



John Wayne 1970

Legendary actor John Wayne in a clip from 1970 on the TV variety show he hosted celebrating America's history.



Our Boulder County Republican 2016 SUMMER SOCIAL on Saturday, August 20th, was great fun with 172 attendees and several local candidates in attendance for us to meet and greet.   Pasta Jay's catered our dinner and as always, it was delicious!  We are grateful to Bill and LeMoine Dowd for hosting the party--the setting was beautiful along with fabulous weather.  Thanks also to Marc Littmann, Ron and Susie Littmann's son for taking so many great photos--we hope you enjoy the slideshow.
2016 Summer Social - Meet and Greet the Candidates