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December 2016

 What a year this has been!  Who would have guessed?

I moved to Colorado almost 9 years ago, just in advance of the Obama 2008 election.  Living as a Republican in Boulder has been a challenge.


During the recent campaign, door-knocking for Trump, I met a number of arrogant Boulderites who loved to tell me how stupid Republicans are; that Trump supporters’ educational level is at best  High School; you are the first and only woman I’ve met who supports Trump. What is wrong with you? Another memorable lady was so shocked to meet a Republican woman with a Trump glitter pin on, she asked if she could take my picture to show her friends.  Well, inspite of the sneering condescension, the laugh is on them.


I am thrilled, even euphoric over the election result. We stuck it out. It is true that we didn’t win in Colorado, but we are not giving up.  We have a Governorship and other races to win in just two short years.


The incoming BRW administration is ready to lead. It is outstanding, enthusiastic, and younger! President Theresa Watson, a teacher by profession, already has an early ‘lesson plan’ in the works. She is working with 1st VP Programs, Diana Petrak,  on the 2017 luncheon speakers. January’s topic will be ‘The Lens of Liberty’. Welcome to Elisabeth Nelson, 2nd VP Membership and Marty Neilson, Treasurer. Thank you again, Jane Meagher, Secretary, for a second term.


I leave office, thanking you all for a memorable year, your support, new and deeper friendships, and willingness to step up to the plate when asked.


I wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and  Happy Hanukkah.


Have a wonderful, happy, and healthy 2017.


Beverlee White, President


It's the Soldier,

not the reporter

Who has given us the freedom of the press.


It's the Soldier,

not the poet,

Who has given us the freedom of speech.


It's the Soldier,

not the politicians that ensures

Our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.


It's the Soldier

who salutes the flag, 

who serves beneath the flag,

and whose coffin is draped by the flag.



Our Boulder County Republican 2016 SUMMER SOCIAL on Saturday, August 20th, was great fun with 172 attendees and several local candidates in attendance for us to meet and greet.   Pasta Jay's catered our dinner and as always, it was delicious!  We are grateful to Bill and LeMoine Dowd for hosting the party--the setting was beautiful along with fabulous weather.  Thanks also to Marc Littmann, Ron and Susie Littmann's son for taking so many great photos--we hope you enjoy the slideshow.
2016 Summer Social - Meet and Greet the Candidates
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